Who Needs Drug Abuse Help?

With the levels of sensitization and the kind of general information that has been made available to the public, the question of “Who needs drug abuse help?” is definitely one that bothers many people. However, every day, people who are affected by the problems of drug abuse continue to struggle with these problems, simply because they have no idea where to find the right answer to this question.

Before answering the question of who drug abuse help is intended for, it is important to first examine the concepts of drug abuse and drug addiction.

Many people misguidedly assume that drug abuse is the same as drug addiction, and very often the two terms are used interchangeably. However, the fact is that drug abuse and drug addiction are essentially not the same concept, even though they share a lot of common characteristics. Drug abuse simply refers to the use of drugs for non-medicinal purposes or for recreational purposes. The term is also used to refer to the practice of consuming drugs in a manner that is different from that prescribed by your doctor.

Who Needs Drug Abuse Help?

Drug addiction, on the other hand, refers to extended habits of drug use and abuse that have grown into drug dependencies and which are often very difficult to break. Perhaps the reason these two terms are often confused, or used interchangeably, is because drawing a clear line between simple abuse and addiction is often not very easy. Some people who abuse drugs are already addicted to the habit and the only reason why these people are not grouped as addicts may simply because of a failure to recognize that addiction has developed.

In light of the foregoing discussion, the question of who is drug abuse help for may now more easily be answered. Drug abuse help is available for anyone who indulges in the habits of drug abuse and who is unable to break free of the habit on their own.

Ideally, drug abuse help should be provided for everyone who doubts their ability to stop using a medication. Many people continue to abuse drugs while believing that they can stop using these substances whenever they wish to do so, only to find that when the time to stop comes, they are unable to deal with certain of the withdrawal symptoms that arise.

Breaking free of the habit of drug abuse is not as easy as it is to begin the practice. The situation is a great deal worse when the drugs that are abused happen to be profoundly addictive in nature. In such situations, abuse of the drugs leads to the formation of physical or psychological dependency on the drugs, and stopping use of the medication may be best approached with professional medical supervision.

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