Locating Drug Abuse Help

Whether you use drugs recreationally or are abusing them so much that it might lead to addiction, it can be dangerous and you should get help. You are at risk for a variety of medical disorders, including behavioral, physical, emotional and psychological disorders when abusing drugs. You might be prone to addiction based on a number of factors, which makes seeking help for your substance abuse problem even more important. If you have noticed yourself or someone you love abusing drugs, don’t waste any time getting help. Once you start getting serious about overcoming your substance abuse problem, you will learn how to find help, who to turn to and what kind of programs are out there for you. You should first learn more about substance abuse, the signs of abuse and what to expect from a treatment plan before knowing which drug rehab facility to choose.

Dangers of Drug Abuse

Abusing drugs can be dangerous on many levels, including causing physical, emotional and psychological effects. They can be lead to addiction which causes more severe side effects including the risk of overdose and death. The severity of the dangers depends on the types of drugs being abused, how often you use them and how much during each time. Below are the most common dangers of abusing drugs.

  1. There are also psychological and emotional dangers such as lack of motor skills, severe mood swings, isolating, irritability, bad judgment and memory loss.
  2. The most dangerous effects of drug abuse include irregular heartbeat as it can lead to respiratory failure, stroke, heart attack, coma and a drug overdose that can be fatal.
  3. Physical effects from heavy drug use and abuse include irregular heartbeat, poor coordination, muscle spasms, severe weight loss or weight gain, nausea, vomiting and slurred speech.
  4. There are even more dangerous side effects from drug abuse including high blood pressure, dizziness, blurry vision, skin disorders, headaches, poor immune system, infertility, depression, seizures, tremors, constipation, violent behavior and disorientation.

Locating Drug Abuse Help

Signs of Drug or Alcohol Abuse

If you’re concerned about a loved one abusing drugs and want to help located a drug rehab facility, there are some things to look for in their behavior and emotional state. Some common behavioral and physical changes in someone abusing drugs includes frequently calling in to work or skipping school, having poor grooming habits, a sudden drop in work quality or school grades, being isolated from everyone, getting into financial trouble or trouble with the law, having bad judgment and making poor decisions and putting others or themselves into risk as a result of the drug abuse such as driving while under the influence. Drug addiction signs are similar but usually more severe such as suffering from more severe withdrawal symptoms and behaving violently.

Recognizing a Drug Abuse Problem

The last thing you should do before locating a drug abuse center is to determine whether or not you think you have a problem. By looking for the signs and symptoms of drug abuse listed above, you should be able to decipher the signs and see if they fit the mold of someone using and abusing illegal substances. Keep in mind even someone taking the prescription drugs given to them for an illness or chronic pain they do have can begin abusing the prescription drugs, so it isn’t limited just to illegal drugs.

Some ways to notice if you need help for your drug problem are watching your behaviors and your habits with the drugs. Keep a journal and find out when you use the drugs most often, if you’re beginning to use them more, using higher doses or stronger drugs over time, and how you react while under the influence as well as while you’re sober from them. You might notice changes in your emotions, psychological conditions, or physical side effects. Once you notice a problem, get help immediately.

Seeking Drug Abuse Help

Admitting you have a problem with drug abuse is the most difficult, but first essential step to recovering from drug abuse. Once you have made the decision to get help, you will be on the road to recovery. To seek help means to lean on people close to you for support and begin looking for a licensed and reputable drug rehab facility. You will also want to speak to a drug counselor who can help through the recovery process. To get help for your drug abuse, start by taking to people around you. Tell your parents, friends or family members and ask for their support. Speak to your general physician to perform a physical examination in case you need emergency medical assistance. Your doctor might also have references for recommended drug rehab centers in your area.

Locating a Drug Rehab Center

Once you have decided to get help for your drug abuse problem and have reached out to people you trust, you can begin looking for a drug rehab enter. Start by visiting your local drug rehab center and speaking to a drug counselor. They will be able to assist you with choosing a recovery or treatment plan that is best for you. There are a number of different treatments available, which will depend on the individual and the severity of the drug or alcohol problem. The treatment program might include therapy and counseling sessions, either alone or in groups, detoxification for the withdrawal period and enrollment into a 12-step program. Support groups are highly recommended once the initial treatment is over as it helps reduce the risk of relapse.

No matter which method of treatment you choose, the most important thing is to get help when you need it. By seeking help now for your substance abuse problem, you will be able to avoid addiction which causes more dangerous side effects and is much harder to treat. When choosing a drug treatment center, speak to their administrative and counseling staff and choose the facility you feel most comfortable with. These people will be working closely with you. Find a drug treatment center today to begin getting proper treatment for your drug abuse problem.

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